Frank McManus was a burned-out lawyer in Palmdale when two new clients walked into his office on the same day. And they would change his life forever. Their cases would intertwine with a human trafficking scheme devised by an activist Bolivian university professor, and McManus and his girlfriend would be sucked into a world of drugs, deception, murder and an unusual funeral business. As McManus peeled back the veneer of corruption, an old friend was slaughtered and his life became at risk. But, on a one-way flight across the Pacific in a derelict airliner to his death, he wrote the final chapter.

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Reviews of Palmdale

“ In the second of Carson’s McManus Thriller series, the attorney’s two most recent cases have something in common – an illegal aliens/drugs smuggling scheme.
“This novel offers noticeably fewer courtroom scenes than RVR, but readers shouldn’t mind. They’ll be charmed by Frank and Shocker . . . Shocker may hate surveillance but he’s exceptionally good at it, and when a lead points Frank to Miami, he follows it without hesitation. Carson doesn’t delve too deeply into Jorge’s smuggling business, but he well establishes Jorge as the main villain, who makes even his own employees nervous. The plot is more exhilarating than the previous book’s, particularly because the protagonist is so often in danger. . . Carson still manages twists, including at least one unexpected (and brutal) murder.
“Frank’s legal wiles give him sound instincts, but his determination makes him a worthy gumshoe.”

Kirkus Reviews

“I must say that I enjoyed Palmdale beyond my words to express myself. It was absolutely so intense that I read it in two days - I just couldn't stop reading. Thank you for the experience. I absolutely loved Palmdale and have a vivid picture of McManus.”

Luz Bluz

“… a tantalizingly complex read, packed with changing motivations, twists of plot, and a healthy dose of Los Angeles culture and settings that are brought to life … benefit from Charles L. Carson's background as a lawyer … These moments lend depth and sensuality, providing a well-rounded saga that ends with … a life-changing event.”

D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review

“Carson's stories always capture my imagination from the very first page all the way through to the last. … His characters and locations are so vivid you can almost reach out and touch them. Well worth the read as well as a great gift idea.”

Reality Quest