Hundreds are killed in a string of unexplainable airline crashes, bringing the US to the brink of paralysis. Widowed Harvard lawyer and disgraced DOJ prosecutor Jack McManus, with help from old friends and the CIA, uncovers the vicious alliance of terrorists and an Oligarch, along with their Internet mastermind, and brings them to justice as his children are placed in mortal danger in the next crash.

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Reviews of RVR

“In Carson’s debut thriller, terrorists behind recent airplane crashes make their next target a San Francisco lawyer whose class-action suit may be exposing too much about their operations.
“This . . . novel is a quick read, with brief chapters and rapid-fire sequences, including Jack questioning witnesses on the stand. The protagonist is sympathetic, a widower who lost his wife, Mary, in a shooting at Berkeley. And Carson putting Jack in peril, as well as his kids John and Maria, bolsters suspense . . . Hyacinth, whom Carson identified early, remains an unmistakable menace throughout. Story details are visually persuasive and sometimes spark olfactory senses, too: safety board investigator Frank Kobe is hit with odors at a wreckage site, including scorched fuel cells, fabric, and human flesh.
“A winsome protagonist who can pass for an action hero even in a courtroom.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Great plot and suspenseful story. … As a pilot I especially enjoyed the thrilling story line, but I can assure you that you don't have to be a pilot to enjoy this thriller. Bravo!”

Reality Quest

"...written in the first person, which allows an intimacy and a 'you are there' feel... readers are swept along in a plot that becomes tantalizingly intriguing as it poses twists and turns to challenge problem solvers familiar with the mystery and thriller genre. An exceptional read."

D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review