No one notices the street people of Syria disappear without a trace, sliced from stem to stern, eviscerated, and discarded in China. Not even Jack McManus, recently exonerated but still fighting demons of his own. Not until now.

McManus resumes his search for the Oligarch and the Internet guru responsible for last year’s unexplained airline crashes. In that search, he discovers they have conspired with a Buddhist Abbott in China and with a Chef Boyardee look-alike to carry on the nasty practice of organ harvesting. But, when his quarry is within reach high over the Sea of Japan, McManus learns that what remains of his family is endangered by those he pursues.

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Reviews of Widowmaker

“Attorney Jack McManus’ new gig at the Department of Justice finds him at a Shaolin Monastery searching for the culprits behind airplane crashes in Carson’s latest thriller.
“There are . . . quite a few surprises, like the sudden disappearance of a character and a shocking incident near the end of the book. But the bevy of baddies remains the story’s electrifying centerpiece: some want revenge, others want to hijack the organ harvesting, and all are willing to deceive/kill to get what they want. The story’s likely aimed at readers who’ve perused the heavily tied-in series opener, but Carson provides enough back story for those unfamiliar with Jack’s previous exploits.
“An influx of antagonists nearly upstages the hero, but it’s fun to watch crooks do what they do best.”

Kirkus Reviews

“I loved loved this book. Well-written. Strong character. Compelling plot. Held my interest....totally engaged. Soooo exciting. Lots of unexpected plot twists....out of nowhere. Ending a cool surprise. I purchased a copy for myself and a fellow thriller buff. Hope this is a series -- that Mr. Carson has more coming; I'll be waiting. A must read!!!"

E. Forker

“How could the media not jump on the story of vanished Syrians found halfway around the world in China, eviscerated and discarded? And how could widowed Harvard lawyer and disgraced prosecutor Jack McManus, barely recovered from his last struggle with personal and professional trials, not be drawn to investigate? The answer is that both are inevitable, with illegal and immoral organ harvesting emerging from Jack's probe of such disparate elements as the reason for a string of airplane crashes, a powerful Oligarch, a Buddhist enclave.
“And there you have it: a Jack McManus thriller that excels in the unexpected, provides a worldwide case that eventually hits too close to home, and which involves thriller readers in nonstop action and intrigue from its very first page.
“Widowmaker is thriller writing at its best.”

D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review

"Mystery, intrigue and suspense is what makes this moving story great. A real gem that demanded a second and third read. Highly recommended."

Reality Quest