No one notices the street people of Syria disappear without a trace, sliced from stem to stern, eviscerated, and discarded in China. Not even Jack McManus, recently exonerated but still fighting demons of his own. Not until now.

McManus resumes his search for the Oligarch and the Internet guru responsible for last year’s unexplained airline crashes. In that search, he discovers they have conspired with a Buddhist Abbott in China and with a Chef Boyardee look-alike to carry on the nasty practice of organ harvesting. But, when his quarry is within reach high over the Sea of Japan, McManus learns that what remains of his family is endangered by those he pursues.


Frank McManus was a burned-out lawyer in Palmdale when two new clients walked into his office on the same day. And they would change his life forever. Their cases would intertwine with a human trafficking scheme devised by an activist Bolivian university professor, and McManus and his girlfriend would be sucked into a world of drugs, deception, murder and an unusual funeral business. As McManus peeled back the veneer of corruption, an old friend was slaughtered and his life became at risk. But, on a one-way flight across the Pacific in a derelict airliner to his death, he wrote the final chapter.


Hundreds are killed in a string of unexplainable airline crashes, bringing the US to the brink of paralysis. Widowed Harvard lawyer and disgraced DOJ prosecutor Jack McManus, with help from old friends and the CIA, uncovers the vicious alliance of terrorists and an Oligarch, along with their Internet mastermind, and brings them to justice as his children are placed in mortal danger in the next crash.