The McManus Thrillers

Although Jack and Frank McManus are biologically brothers, you wouldn’t know it by looking at them. Jack is tall, stands six foot eight, two hundred forty pounds, not muscular but fit. Frank is short, about five eight tall, paunchy at a hundred eighty pounds, not muscular and not fit. But if you could see into the mind of each you would have no doubt that these two share many unique qualities. Jack and Frank were born in Boston. Their father, Tom McManus, was the third generation born in the U.S. since the family migrated from County Roscommon, in the Connacht Province, in the middle of Ireland. Though their paths were different, both ended up lawyers, like their father. Jack graduated Harvard with honors. Frank barely graduated a Southern California night law school. Jack immediately went into public service at the Department of Justice in Washington. Frank went into solo personal injury practice in a small community in the high desert in California. Perhaps it was their shared sense of duty that caused each so many problems in their profession. But it might be more accurate to recharacterize their sense of duty as an obstinate sense of duty. Or perhaps it was the heady mix of that obstinate sense of duty mixed with a pit bull never-give-up mentality. Or it could have been due to, as their father would say frequently, their hard Irish heads. It’s not so much that they were difficult to get along with. Quite the contrary, they both were always ready for a good time and a good laugh, and had many old and good friends. But, when someone would step over the line and threaten harm to some person or social institution they respected, both of them had the same response. They would do whatever needed to be done to right the wrong, restore the status quo ante, and mend the disrupted values. This is how each brother lived his life. These are some of their stories.

Frank McManus

An Interview with Frank McManus

H: Attorney Frank McManus, hello. Welcome to the show.

FM: Thank you. My pleasure. I’m not too accustomed to being interviewed.

H: ...

Jack McManus

An Interview with Jack McManus

H: Mr. McManus, thank you for joining us today.

JM: I appreciate the opportunity to meet and talk.

H: Your resume reads like a preppie...